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Tourism Vancouver Island

Nanaimo, BC

Interior Office Renovation

2,160 sq.ft.

Tourism Vancouver Island is a not-for-profit organization that celebrates the supernatural beauty of one of our province’s most beautiful regions, while supporting a diverse community of tourism partners.


This modest interior design project creates an invigorating and energizing office space on a shoestring budget. Bright paint is used as anchoring points throughout the space - colours are selected to celebrate west coast flora and fauna, and render with vibrancy in our grey, Pacific Northwest light; these colours include the greens of Douglas Fir, the Arbutus Tree, and the Yew; the purple and orange tones of the local sea stars; and the varying blue, turquoise, and greys of the sea and sky.


Built-in desks are created from inexpensive birch-veneer plywood to create flexible and useful spaces for employee communication, while also providing opportunities for staff to move about, and work in, varying physical positions (a response to changes in working style that were highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic).  Detailing of the desks plays off of the angles of traditional wood frame construction, while keeping the visual palette clean and modern. Large-scale, custom magnetic dry erase writing walls are installed in the Boardroom, CEO’s office, and Main Lounge – these boards promote collaboration and ideas sharing, and visually anchor the space in a fun and creative way.

scope | interiors, millwork, furniture

millwork | adrian symons

graphic design | claire watson

status | complete

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