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our process

We are a full-service architecture firm: we help to develop and fine-tune your early ideas into a completed built form, from start to finish. We are involved from early project conception through design, permitting, and construction, to a built, lived-in, and loved space. While each project is unique, our approach remains consistent:



We work with you to understand and document your unique needs and desires. We research and explore to understand the unique aspects of your site. We take time to understand the background information needed to help guide the process forward.


play + create

We look for opportunities: what is exciting, what is being overlooked, and what can be done better. We look for intuitive ways to connect these opportunities together. We look for playful ways to meet your spatial needs.

draw + design

We put our years of experience to use to put your project on paper. We look for simple solutions to complex problems. We use our technical experience, in collaborative partnership with our engineering consultants, to develop projects that are efficient and functional. We use our architectural experience to make your space beautiful, and meaningful, to you.



We work collaboratively with our partners and colleagues in the construction industry to bring your project to life. We help you navigate the construction process from start to finish, help with budgeting and timelines, and we can even help you with furnishings and staging.



Your completed project is something to celebrate! Have a party! We can help you with that too.

our services

full architectural services

We specialize in residential and small-scale commercial design. We focus on developing an easy-going, west-coast sensibility in our projects. This includes efficient and open space, with access to natural light and air, an appreciation and fondness for weather, and a simple and natural use of materials. We work at a variety of scales and budgets, from designing high-end custom homes on remote project sites, to family-friendly duplexes in East Vancouver. We also work with small-scale commercial clients on renovation and interior design projects, where we look for fun and innovative ways to make spaces work better for the owners, staff, and clientele that they service. 


Regardless of overall budget or project type, we believe that good design improves lives.


interior design

We love interior design, and we have developed both residential and small-scale commercial interior projects. We bring an architecturally focussed, west coast modern design sensibility to our interior design approach, with an appreciation for natural materials, colour, and lighting. Above all else, we believe that interior spaces should be comfortable and meaningful to the people who are inhabiting them, so we like to focus on what matters most to you. 


We can also help with space planning, furniture layouts and selections, custom millwork design, kitchen layouts and design, project staging – all the fun stuff!


partnerships + collaborations

We pride ourselves on our open and collaborative working relationships with our friends and partners in engineering, development, and construction. If you are a builder or engineer working on a project that requires an architect, please reach out – we can help.

home renovations

We understand that our homes are now expected to perform at triple-capacity – they are our living, working, and entertainment spaces. If you are looking for ways that your space can be improved – home renovations, upgrades to exterior spaces, or otherwise – please reach out.  We are well-versed in small, efficient, double and triple-duty spaces, and we might be able to help.


cabins + remote living

Many of us are coming to terms with the importance of being able to connect with nature, and many of us are considering leaving the city. If you are considering developing your escape oasis, we can help with master planning, new development, or renovations. We focus on indoor-outdoor living, and our designs aim to achieve calming and restorative architecture. We love cabins, pergolas, outdoor rooms, and anything else that connects us directly to our natural surroundings.


parklets + outdoor installations

If you are a small business looking to expand your outdoor space as a part of the Parklet programs across British Columbia, reach out to us. We have broad experience in creating small-scale installations, and we would love to help you create an inexpensive but dynamic, eye catching (and safe!) exterior space for your clients.

events + installations

We have also been designing, producing, and building events, since before we were architects. Old habits die hard, and we love a good party. While we no longer offer event coordination or production services, if you are planning a festival or gathering, and want to build something unique, drop us a note and let’s chat.  We also offer permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary, site-specific designs for public art installations, often working in collaboration with local artists.

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