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Howe Sound Saunas
Sechelt, BC

Dry Sauna
90 sq.ft.

Built as part of the outdoor living experience of the Chapman Creek project, this dry sauna takes its cues from the hot and cool cycles of Finnish sauna culture. Heated by an electric stove filled with hot stones, set on terrazzo tile, and surrounded by the texture and aroma of cedar, it becomes a place for relaxation and the time-honoured therapeutical ritual of the sauna. With a view out towards an adjoining cedar cold plunge barrel, the hot and cold cycle becomes a social and performative focus.  

Constructed as a prototype, Howe Sound Saunas offers pre-fabricated and custom saunas for life on the pacific west coast.

scope | architecture, interiors

builders brandon beatty, brendo keeler

photographer | gergo farkas

status | complete

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