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Chapman Creek

Sechelt, BC

Outdoor Room

150 sq.ft.

This project, located on the Sunshine Coast, is an expanded outdoor living area that was developed for a young builder, with an eye for West Coast Modern design, to improve the useable area of the property during BC’s rain-soaked winter months. The project includes a timber pergola, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, lounge seating, and a hot tub. Beyond the wood canopy, the design also accommodates a morning sun terrace, an outdoor fire pit, and sauna. 


The structure is built from bypassing planes of Douglas Fir, creating an expanded and modernized take on heavy timber detailing, using standard 2x construction. Concrete pavers, arranged in an offset pattern, create a softened and pixelated landscape, and a custom-made weathering steel fire pit anchors the exterior living area.

scope | architecture, landscape

builders | branden beatty, brendo keeler

photographer | gergo farkas 

status | complete

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